Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Numbness to fingers

Numbness to your fingers is often due to nerve irritation from a joint in the neck or arm. Sometimes it can be due to other reasons, such as diabetic neuropathy. Let's focus on the the issue from the perspective of a joint problem. Sometimes things happen that causes a joint to become misaligned. This misalignment causes immediate irritation to the nerves in the area (the nerves go through the joints), which in turn causes the associated muscles to spasm. The muscles are attached to the joints (muscles are what moves our joints) and pull on the already misaligned joint, causing further irritation. With enough irritation, inflammation sets in, which in turn restarts the problem because the inflammation also irritates the nerves and so the process continues and can cause symptoms such as pain and numbness and can eventually lead to arthritis - unless the situation is corrected. chiropractic adjustments and de-inflaming the area as well as using techniques to relax the muscles are what is needed. A chiropractor has the training to find the exact joints that are irritated and then knows the exact chiropractic technique to correct the misalignment. After receiving these corrections, or adjustment, the areas in question need to calm down. imagine hitting your thumb with a hammer. Even though you stop hitting it, it takes a while for the throbbing and swelling to go away. Although chiropractic adjustments can and often do provide instant relief, if there is inflammation, then it will require some anti-inflammation techniques as well to accomplish your goal. I recommend three things (four if you include time to heal): They are: water, ice, and a pill. drink a lot of water after getting adjusted. Water will essentially help to wash away inflammation from the inside. Ice - don't use heat initially. heat feels better, but will increase the circulation and hence bring more fluid and pressure to the inflamed and irritated joint. Ice will decrease the inflammation and numb out the pain. i recommend 15 minutes with a cold pack in a thin covering such as a pillow case. And if you think you need it, it is OK to take an over the counter anti inflammatory pill like alleve or advill. Numbness to the finger can come from a joint misalignment to the wrist, elbow, or shoulders, but more often than not is from a misalignment to the neck. Go to a chiropractor. if you live in the Tampa area, give us a call (813) 831-8321 or visit our web site

Monday, December 9, 2013

Auto Accidents and the Holidays

Are you in a hurry to get your Christmas shopping done? Slow down and remember that a car accident can really ruin your day and even your life. Be careful and watch out for those people who are stressed out and in a hurry. If misfortune should find you and if you have been in a car accident, chiropractic can help. In the state of Florida, make sure that you get to a chiropractor within 14 days or your insurance will not cover you. Also, if you see a medical doctor who writes a letter that you need emergency medical care, then your insurance will cover you for the full amount of $10,000, otherwise they may only cover you for $2500.
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