Sunday, June 8, 2014

Chasing Symptoms

Have you brought a particular symptom when coming to see your chiropractor? Of course you have. Most people who call to see a doctor of any kind do so because they have a symptom (ie. they don't feel well, or something isn't quite right, or worse). But do doctors chase after symptoms, trying to put out the fire, so to speak? What about a doctor of chiropractic?
     Chiropractors do not chase symptoms. But they do seek for and find the cause of many symptoms. We look for irritation to nerves due to joint misalignment and we correct this problem with a chiropractic adjustment, which is gentle and specific. The result is that health is restored and symptoms go away. Sometimes it takes a bit of retraining for a joint, which entails multiple visits for adjustments, but it is worth it. and has more information