Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Chiropractic: What is it?

What is Chiropractic? And who are chiropractors?
To answer the question; Chiropractors are doctors. They are not medical doctors, but they do have a doctoral degree, in addition to a four year college degree. I am a chiropractor with a bachelors degree, a masters degree, and a doctoral degree. Chiropractors do not do surgery, do not prescribe drugs, and do not treat disease, fractures, or infections. We do not treat symptoms. Chiropractors analyze a patient, find subluxations and then correct them. A subluxation is a joint misalignment that causes nerve irritation. Subluxations often cause pain and malfunction. That is why people seek out the help of a chiropractor. We correct and eliminate these problems with an adjustment. The adjustment is the act of putting the joint back into its natural position. Sometimes one adjustment fixes the problem, and sometimes it may take several. When a joint gets subluxated, the nearby muscles go into spasm and often times the area becomes inflamed. By attending to these issues via massage, therapies, and by adhering to anti-inflammatory suggestions (ie. use ice, drink extra water) the adjustment helps even more. By restoring normal joint position, pain often goes away and normal function returns. for more information contact us (813) 831-8321 or visit our web site.

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